Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival

Client     Roskilde Festival
Task       Design, pay-off, concept
Timing  May 2009 – June 2010

Create visual identity and campaign for Roskilde 2010

Poster design, web application

In 2009, Wonderland won the contest for creating the visual identity of Roskilde Festival 2010.

Wonderlands winning concept suggested a personification of the festival. By using pictures of Roskilde Festival archetypes in the visual material and the tag-line “Join the Feeling”, a message of community values and personal involvement was communicated, calling for people to be part of the Roskilde Festival experience. Wonderland also designed a web application that let people use their own photos as background for the Roskilde poster, making them Roskilde Festival archetypes them selves and an integrated part of the festival.

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Official poster

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